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AW Dictionary Maker is a command-line dictionary creation tool for RoadLingua, the popular dictionary viewer for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile handhelds. It imports comma-separated and tab-separated files and provides an ability to create custom commercial dictionaries.


  • Comma-separated (CSV) files import
  • TAB-separated files import
  • Ability to create either commercial or freeware dictionaries
  • Support for HTML dictionaries
  • Outputs ready-to-install files compatible with Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds
  • Freeware

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • No installation required


  • AW Dictionary Maker (Command Line)

How to Install

AW Dictionary Maker doesn't need to be installed. Simply unzip the ZIP file to any folder you like and run the awmakerc.exe file.

For additional help, run
awmakerc.exe --help | more

Quick Tips

  • To add a carriage return symbol, put "\n" in the desired place. For example: "1945","The end of World War II\nMay, 09"
  • You can become an AbsoluteWord partner and distribute your dictionary through absoluteword.com. We'll process your orders and pay you monthly.
  • To sell a dictionary by yourself, you do not need to generate any registration keys. Just send the customers your dictionary compiled as freeware
  • You may include the original trial version of RoadLingua in your dictionary distribution. Get the latest version from our download page
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