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RoadLingua for Pocket PC Manual

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About RoadLingua

Thank you for using RoadLingua, a powerful and easy-to-use dictionary viewer for Pocket PC 2003/2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 powered devices. The main features of RoadLingua are:
  • Native support for expansion cards
  • Built-in support for displaying dictionaries in many languages
  • Rich-text and illustrated dictionaries
  • Fast browsing
  • Resident Lookup - translate with 1 tap from any application
  • Powerful data compression technology
  • Free conversion utility to make your own dictionaries
Along with RoadLingua we offer a wide range of freeware and commercial multilingual, specialty, and explanatory dictionaries. Both large dictionaries and small dictionaries for low memory devices are available.

Unregistered version of RoadLingua viewer has no time limitations. You may use it as long as you want.

Usage Tips

Adding a Dictionary

You can download dictionaries from http://absoluteword.com/download/

There are two types of installation packages:

1. EXE file. To install, connect your PDA to the desktop computer, wait for ActiveSync to recognize it, and run the downloaded installer. Follow the on-screen instructions. This type of distribution always includes RoadLingua shell (in addition to the dictionary). During the setup process, you'll be able to skip it if you already have RoadLingua installed.

2. CAB file. This must be transferred to your PDA. Then just tap it once to install. If you download it right from your PDA, you don't even need the desktop computer to install. This type of distribution does not contain RoadLingua viewer, only the dictionary itself.

Dictionaries can be installed either to main memory, or to the expansion card. RoadLingua automatically locates them. If it doesn't, make sure you didn't change the default installation paths.

By default, RoadLingua looks for dictionaries in its own installation folder, and in any folder on the card which name begins with 'AbsoluteWord'. You can also add a dictionary manually, using Dictionaries / Add Custom Dictionary menu item. This is necessary only if you place the dictionary somewhere where RoadLingua cannot find it (for example, in a custom folder on the expansion card). In the dialog that appears, tap Add location, locate the folder on your device where the dictionary is stored, and add it to the list of locations.

Some third-party vendors may provide other dictionaries compatible with RoadLingua shell. These dictionaries may not even be listed on AbsoluteWord's website. AbsoluteWord does not provide any technical support for third-party dictionaries.

Browsing a Dictionary

RoadLingua provides a set of controls to browse the dictionaries.

Switching between dictionaries: tap the Dictionaries menu item and choose the desired dictionary. The window title always displays the name of the active dictionary.

Word Lookup Field: Type in the word (or its first characters) to lookup a specific word or words starting with the typed characters. To erase the field quickly, tap the Eraser icon. Copy the selected text with Copy icon, and paste it into the lookup field using the Paste icon.

To choose from the recent lookups, tap the History drop-down arrow at the right of the word lookup filed.

Word List Area: Contains a sorted list of words available in the dictionary. Tap on a word to get its description. You may scroll the list up and down using the scroll bar at the right side of the list. To resize the Word List area, tap-and-hold its bottom border and drag the stylus up or down the screen.

Tap a word in the list to see the definition.

Definition View Area: Once you have chosen a word in the word list, this area displays the word's description / translation.

Definition Area Language and Font Settings

If the language used in definitions doesn't match your default regional settings, you have to adjust Definition Area Language under Dictionaries/ Preferences menu item. From the list that appears, choose the appropriate language and tap OK.

This is a per-dictionary setting, so you can choose, for example, Russian for the English-Russian dictionary and Greek for the English-Greek dictionary. Your choice will be remembered by RoadLingua and automatically used each time you open the corresponding dictionary.

The font size selector is also available under Dictionaries/ Preferences menu item. This is a per-dictionary setting, too.

Working with Clipboard

RoadLingua supports internal clipboard functions such as Copy or Paste.

To copy text, select it with a stylus and then choose Edit / Copy from the menu, or tap the Copy icon at the right side of the lookup field.

To paste a text from the clipboard, choose Edit / Paste from the menu, or tap the Paste icon at the right side of the lookup field.

If you have any text in you clipboard, it can be pasted into the lookup field upon RoadLingua start. This can be changed under Dictionaries / Preferences by enabling or disabling the Paste from clipboard check box.

Resident Lookup

To allow you quickly translate text from other applications, RoadLingua provides a resident lookup icon on the title bar. In any application, select any text and copy it to the clipboard. Then tap the icon at the title bar to switch to RoadLingua. If Paste from clipboard is enabled in Preferences, the text is automatically pasted into the lookup field, and the definition is displayed (if available). Otherwise, tap the Paste button to paste the clipboard contents into the lookup field.

To switch back to the application you were using, tap the icon at the title bar again.

The position of the icon may be changed in Dictionaries / Preferences.

If you want to disable this feature, uncheck the Enable resident lookup checkbox under Dictionaries / Preferences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Resident Lookup may not be compatible with some themeing software and/or fullscreen games. If you use such software, it is recommended to disable the Resident Lookup feature.

Find in Definitions

Available under Edit / Find in Definitions menu item. The text selected in a definition view area of the active dictionary will be inserted into the lookup field. Use this feature to search for a word description from other word's description.

Viewing Dictionary Information

Dictionaries contain information such as copyright notice, number of entries, type of trial limitation etc. To view this information, open the Help / Dictionary menu item.

Some dictionaries may also contain abbreviations reference. Select the Help / Abbreviations menu item to view this reference (if available).

Deleting Dictionaries

To delete a dictionary, choose Dictionaries / Delete dictionary item in RoadLingua menu. This will delete the active dictionary.

Ordering and Registration

Obtaining Purchase Instructions

The easiest way to purchase our products is to use Buy or Purchase links on the website where you download the trial versions from.

Purchase instructions are also available in the software itself. Open Help / How to Buy to read the purchase instructions for the active dictionary. If the currently active dictionary is freeware, registration instructions for RoadLingua will be displayed instead.

Registering the Software

Upon completing the purchase, you'll be provided with a textual registration code. Open Help / Register menu item to input the code and unlock the software.

Licensing Policy In Detail

RoadLingua application is distributed as shareware (also known as try before you buy).

Dictionaries for RoadLingua may be distributed as freeware, shareware, or commercial software. Shareware and commercial dictionaries may have limitations such as time-limited trial period, or limited number of available entries.

If you purchase any shareware or commercial dictionary, you get RoadLingua license for free. Therefore, purchasing a separate license for RoadLingua is not necessary unless you plan to use only freeware dictionaries.

Various discounts available (see http://absoluteword.com/discounts for more info).

Trial Versions and Refunds

Most AbsoluteWord's products are available as trial versions, so you can download and evaluate them for free before making a purchase decision. Because of this, we cannot refund your purchase unless we know for certain that the problem you are facing is caused solely by our software and can't be solved in a reasonable time frame with the help of out technical support staff.

Technical Support. Contact Information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Technical support is provided to all customers for free. Registered customers receive priority support. Please allow 1-2 business days to process your request (1-4 days for not registered customers).

Visit our support page to submit a question:

You can also contact us by e-mail

Visit our website at http://absoluteword.com to get RoadLingua updates and more dictionaries.


We at AbsoluteWord are committed to providing quality, easy-to-use software. However, this product is provided without warranty and the user accepts full responsibility for any damages, consequential or otherwise, resulting from its use.


This software is freely redistributable, provided it is made available only in its complete, unmodified form with no additional files and for non-commercial purposes only. Any other use requires prior written permission from AbsoluteWord.

Unauthorized commercial use includes, but is not limited to:
  • Distributing the product for sale
  • Accompanying with a product for sale
  • Accompanying a magazine, book or other publication for sale
  • Distribution with "Media", "Copying" or other incidental costs
  • Distribution with access or download fees
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