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Language dictionaries

Commercial dictionaries are available for download as time limited trial versions.
You do not need to download another copy of the software when you purchase a license. The registration key unlocks your existing copy.

For low-memory PDAs we recommend the Lite version available for large dictionaries on the dictionary's web page (click read more link)
Note, some dictionaries (such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian) require localization systems to be installed to display national characters correctly.

Explanatory Dictionaries
Bulgarian to ...
Chinese to ...
Czech to ...
Danish to ...
Dutch to ...
English to ...
Esperanto to ...
Finnish to ...
French to ...
German to ...
Greek to ...
Hungarian to ...
Indonesian to ...
Italian to ...
Japanese to ...
Latin to ...
Manx to ...
Norwegian to ...
Polish to ...
Portuguese to ...
Quenya to ...
Russian to ...
Romanian to ...
Serbian to ...
Slovak to ...
Swahili to ...
Spanish to ...
Swedish to ...


»  Explanatory

ASL Illustrated Reference, 552 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English Pronouncing Dictionary, 127000 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
WordNet English Dictionary, 148719 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95


»  Bulgarian...

Bulgarian-English dictionary, 11572 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Chinese...

Chinese-English Hieroglyph Dictionary, 5395 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Czech...

Czech-English Dictionary, 128878 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Czech-German Dictionary, 41603 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Czech-Italian Technical dictionary, 26683 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Danish...

Danish-English Dictionary, 2705 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Danish-German Dictionary, 2304 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Dutch...

Dutch-English Dictionary, 22697 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Dutch-French Dictionary, 19766 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Dutch-Polish Dictionary, 14425 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Dutch-Portuguese Dictionary, 21983 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Dutch-Russian Dictionary, 14434 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Dutch-Spanish Dictionary, 16302 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  English...

English-Afrikaans Dictionary, 4180 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Bulgarian dictionary, 45630 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Chinese Dictionary, 154603 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Czech Dictionary, 72241 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Danish Dictionary, 3705 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Dutch Dictionary, 9970 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Finnish Dictionary, 107958 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-French Dictionary, 43095 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-French Phrase-Book, 2920 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-French dictionary by Smartlink, 37776 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-German Dictionary, 124000 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-German Dictionary by Smartlink, 37779 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Greek Dictionary, 4020 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Greek Dictionary by N. Tapsis, 20385 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Hungarian Dictionary, 63185 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Icelandic Dictionary, 3150 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Indonesian Dictionary, 1963 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Italian Dictionary, 28090 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Japanese Dictionary, 78912 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Korean Dictionary, 57873 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
English-Latin Dictionary, 11655 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Manx Dictionary, 52187 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Norwegian Dictionary, 6030 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Polish Dictionary, 12491 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Portuguese Dictionary, 9630 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Portuguese Dictionary of Common Phrases, 564 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Portuguese Technical Dictionary, 1197 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Quenya Dictionary, 1672 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Romanian Dictionary, 3615 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Russian Dictionary, 66000 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Serbian Dictionary, 23539 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Slovak Dictionary, 57839 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Spanish Dictionary, 38720 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95
English-Spanish Dictionary by Smartlink, 37776 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
English-Swahili Dictionary, 6188 entries [more info] DownloadFree
English-Swedish Dictionary, 10060 entries [more info]
with English phonetic transcriptions
Download trial$9.95


»  Esperanto...

Esperanto-English Dictionary, 16826 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Esperanto-French Dictionary, 10743 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Esperanto-Italian Dictionary, 4002 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Esperanto-Portuguese Dictionary, 15377 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Finnish...

Finnish-English Dictionary, 124647 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  French...

French-Dutch Dictionary, 11649 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
French-English Dictionary, 35867 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
French-English Dictionary by Smartlink, 34997 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
French-German Dictionary, 35200 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
French-Italian Dictionary, 34757 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
French-Norwegian Dictionary, 6256 entries [more info] DownloadFree
French-Polish Dictionary, 7424 entries [more info] DownloadFree
French-Portuguese Dictionary, 9920 entries [more info] DownloadFree
French-Russian Dictionary, 6759 entries [more info] DownloadFree
French-Serbian Dictionary, 6931 entries [more info] DownloadFree
French-Spanish Dictionary, 3960 entries [more info] DownloadFree
French-Swahili Dictionary, 4208 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  German...

German-Czech Dictionary, 35101 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-English Dictionary, 111910 entries [more info] Download trial$14.95
German-English Dictionary by Smartlink, 36932 entries [more info] Download trial$14.95
German-French Dictionary, 8340 entries [more info] DownloadFree
German-Greek Dictionary, 14282 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-Italian Dictionary, 14743 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-Latin Dictionary, 7701 entries [more info] DownloadFree
German-Norwegian Dictionary, 10950 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-Portuguese Dictionary, 9376 entries [more info] DownloadFree
German-Russian Dictionary, 14624 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-Serbian Dictionary, 17414 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-Slovak Dictionary, 128536 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
German-Spanish Dictionary, 5526 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Greek...

Greek-English Dictionary, 8921 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-English Dictionary by N. Tapsis, 18738 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Greek-French Dictionary, 5387 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-German Dictionary, 8042 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-Italian Dictionary, 6431 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-Latin Dictionary, 2537 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-Russian Dictionary, 8314 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-Spanish Dictionary, 5989 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Greek-Swedish Dictionary, 7124 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Hungarian...

Hungarian-English Dictionary, 98675 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Indonesian...

Indonesian-English Dictionary, 1963 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Italian...

Italian-Czech Technical Dictionary, 12167 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Dutch Dictionary, 6018 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-English Dictionary, 29110 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Italian-French Dictionary, 7294 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-German Dictionary, 7263 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Greek Dictionary, 9281 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Latin Dictionary, 3170 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Polish Dictionary, 8966 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Portuguese Dictionary, 7444 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Russian Dictionary, 8257 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Serbian Dictionary, 8446 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Spanish Dictionary, 7153 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Italian-Swedish Dictionary, 7808 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Japanese...

Japanese-English Dictionary, 97928 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Japanese-German Dictionary, 11591 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Latin...

Latin-Dutch Dictionary, 3536 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Latin-English Dictionary, 74408 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Latin-Russian Dictionary, 3532 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Latin-Spanish Dictionary, 3338 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Manx...

Manx-English Dictionary, 49008 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Norwegian...

Norwegian-English Dictionary, 9410 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Norwegian-German Dictionary, 7522 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Norwegian-Russian Dictionary, 7773 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Polish...

Polish-English Dictionary, 18955 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Polish-French Dictionary, 6274 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Polish-German Dictionary, 9025 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Polish-Italian Dictionary, 7440 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Polish-Serbian Dictionary, 8962 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Polish-Spanish Dictionary, 6930 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Portuguese...

Portuguese-English Dictionary, 10863 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Portuguese-English Technical Dictionary, 1437 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Portuguese-French Dictionary, 8545 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Portuguese-German Dictionary, 9075 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Portuguese-Italian Dictionary, 8405 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Portuguese-Polish Dictionary, 8243 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Portuguese-Russian Dictionary, 7596 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Portuguese-Spanish Dictionary, 5490 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Quenya...

Quenya-English Dictionary, 377 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Russian...

Russian-Dutch Dictionary, 11523 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-English Dictionary, 36131 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-French Dictionary, 10841 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-German Dictionary, 16569 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-Greek Dictionary, 16755 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-Italian Dictionary, 12360 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-Latin Dictionary, 6283 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Russian-Norwegian Dictionary, 12677 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-Portuguese Dictionary, 11732 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-Serbian Dictionary, 15562 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Russian-Spanish Dictionary, 11713 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Romanian...

Romanian-English Dictionary, 3615 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Serbian...

Serbian-French Dictionary, 8857 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Serbian-German Dictionary, 15409 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Serbian-Greek Dictionary, 13128 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Serbian-Italian Dictionary, 10187 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Serbian-Polish Dictionary, 12567 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Serbian-Russian Dictionary, 12223 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Serbian-Swedish Dictionary, 10107 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Slovak...

Slovak-English Dictionary, 87116 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Slovak-German Dictionary, 132168 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95


»  Spanish...

Spanish-Dutch Dictionary, 10078 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Spanish-English Dictionary, 15380 entries [more info] Download trial$14.95
Spanish-English Dictionary by Smartlink, 31716 entries [more info] Download trial$14.95
Spanish-French Dictionary, 3600 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Spanish-German Dictionary, 12035 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Spanish-Greek Dictionary, 9596 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Spanish-Italian Dictionary, 11490 entries [more info] Download trial$9.95
Spanish-Latin Dictionary, 3738 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Spanish-Polish Dictionary, 9285 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary, 3670 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Spanish-Russian Dictionary, 8527 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Swahili...

Swahili-English Dictionary, 4483 entries [more info] DownloadFree


»  Swedish...

Swedish-English Dictionary, 9945 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Swedish-German Dictionary, 7850 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Swedish-Greek Dictionary, 9306 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Swedish-Italian Dictionary, 7265 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Swedish-Russian Dictionary, 8117 entries [more info] DownloadFree
Swedish-Spanish Dictionary, 6703 entries [more info] DownloadFree
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