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RoadLingua Internationalization

The information below is outdated. Currently we do not process localization requests. Sorry! Non-English users ask us to create localized versions of RoadLingua. So, we designed a way for professionals to translate the RoadLingua interface into other languages.

You can now help in this translation effort if you meet the following requirements:

  • You natively speak a non-English language
  • You speak English
  • You are an experienced PDA user
  • You have some programming experience
  • You would like to get a FREE registered copy of RoadLingua and every dictionary related to your language
  • The language you want to translate RoadLingua to is not already translated or being translated

How To Translate RoadLingua To Another Language

  • Check the language you want to translate is not marked as in progress or complete in the table below.
  • Download the English Package file and unzip it.
  • Inside the package you'll find different files to translate. Use a plain text editor (supporting UTF8 for two-byte codepages such as Japanese, Chinese, and so on). Windows Notepad is OK. Do not use visual HTML editors or editors that save files in their own format.

Please read the translation instructions below carefully:

There are two folders inside the archive: Palm OS and Pocket PC. These folders contain language resource files and manuals for the corresponding operating systems.
Manuals are HTML files; please use plain text editors to translate them.
Language resource files (english.txt) consist of pairs variable=value. These variables are substituted into the RoadLingua executable file. Simply translate the value items.

Translation Rules

  • Do not translate URLs and e-mail addresses
  • Do not use double quotes "
  • Do not translate RoadLingua or AbsoluteWord titles
  • Please try to keep the length of the strings as close as possible to original ones
  • Do not translate strings starting with # - these are comments. You can add your own comments as well.

Example (translation to French)

# Program Menu:

$RD0032=Beam/send lexicon
$RD0033=Delete lexicon
# Program Menu:

$RD0032=Envoyer lexique
$RD0033=Supprimer lexique
Once the files are translated, zip them and email to translate@absoluteword.com. Remember to send us your RoadLingua Personal ID and contact information!

Internationalization Progress

Language Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Complete
Slovak Complete
Russian Complete

Remember: if you have a dictionary to add to our database you can become a partner.

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