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Dictionary Submission

Submitting a Dictionary

We welcome your dictionary or links to dictionaries available over the Internet.

We recognize the value of having a large number dictionaries that are compatible with RoadLingua and we have several partnership programs for authors:

Royalty Fees

If you want to sell your dictionary or have an additional sales channel, we can sell your dictionary with RoadLingua. for details.


If you have a dictionary that you want to make available to RoadLingua users for free, send us the database and we will convert it. In return we will give you a registration code for RoadLingua and any commercial dictionary of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to make a dictionary compatible with RoadLingua?
  • For your convenience we distribute a free utility, AW Dictionary Maker that converts comma-separated files (CSV) to RoadLingua compatible PDBs. Both GUI and command line versions are available.
  • I found a lot of dictionaries at Gutenburg project website. Can I submit them and get free registration?
  • Unfortunately, no.
  • Can I submit a dictionary now as freeware, but distribute it commercially later?
  • Yes. All changes to the distribution policy of a dictionary must be approved by the dictionary contributor/author.
  • Can I sell you all rights to my dictionary?
  • Yes, we can sign such an agreement. to discuss the price and details.
  • How do you transfer payments? When do I receive payments?
  • We pay by check or bank transfer. We send these out on the last working day of the month after the payment period. For example, the October payment is send on November 30.
  • How do I know what sales were made?
  • Each month we e-mail you the sales report.
  • Do you mention my name anywhere as the author?
  • Yes. We mention your name and other attributes you want on our site's About page for your dictionary and on the About page of the dictionary itself.
  • How do I cancel distributing my dictionary with RoadLingua?
  • Just e-mail us and we will remove the dictionary from our distribution channels. However, we cannot remove all copies immediately so expect it to take a month for complete removal of it from our distribution channels. You continue receiving royalties if copies are sold during this period.

Got another question?

Remember: you can get RoadLingua for FREE by translating the software to your native language. For details click here.

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