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Note: The information below is gathered on November 29, 2001 and based on public available demo versions and user guides. If you find any mistakes, please send them to .

MMC/SD/CF/MemoryStick SupportResident ModeMultilingual DictionariesSpecialty DictionariesExplanatory DictionariesCustom DictionariesFast Word LookupSearch Inside Descriptions
Product BDicty SlovoEd Collins Dictionaries RoadLingua
Date 11/29/2001 11/29/2001 12/17/2001 11/29/2001
Developer Beiks, LLC Paragon Software Palmtop BV AbsoluteWord
Palm OS 3.1+ 3.0+ 3.1+ Any
Yes No No Yes
Demo Limitation (shell) Functionality Partial Dictionaries Partial Dictionaries Nag Screen
Demo Limitation (dictionaries) Partial Dictionaries Partial Dictionaries Partial Dictionaries Trial Period
Yes Yes No Yes
FREE Dictionaries Yes Partial Only No Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes No No Yes
Yes No No Yes
No No No Yes
With 2nd letter Yes Yes Yes
Pronouncing Transcriptions No No No Yes
No No No Yes

MMC/SD/CF/MemoryStick Support - by supporting expansion cards dictionary shell make it able keeping large dictionary databases on a card instead of device RAM. Expansion cards are available on devices such as Palm m125/m500/m505, TRG Pro, HandEra 330, Sony Clie serie, and other.

Resident Mode - ability of dictionary shell to be called within other application such as text editor or reader to lookup a word.

Multilingual Dictionaries - indicates whether language translation dictionaries are available, for example, English-French, German-Dutch, and so on.

Specialty Dictionaries - indicates whether specialty dictionaries are available, for example, Geographic Abbreviations, Baseball Glossary, Drug Reference, and so on.

Explanatory Dictionaries - indicates whether explanatory dictionaries are available, for example, WordNet Vocabulary of American English, and so on.

Fast Word Lookup - this feature allows getting list of words starting with the characters you type in, for example, by entering 's' character, you get all words starting with 's'.

Search Inside Descriptions - this feature provides an ability to find text patterns inside descriptions of the words.

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