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 General questions 

 »   What is RoadLingua? Do I need to install it?

RoadLingua is a feature-rich dictionary viewer/browser for AbsoluteWord dictionaries. Without this software installed, you'll not be able to open the dictionaries on your handheld.

RoadLingua runs on Palm OS® and Pocket PC powered handhelds. The user interface and feature set is very similar on both platforms; however, installation files for these two platforms are different. You can download the appropriate version of RoadLingua on our download page in the Additional software section.

In our documentation, RoadLingua is sometimes referred to as the dictionary shell or simply the shell.

 »   Some dictionaries are available for one handheld operating system (Palm OS® or PocketPC) only. Why?

Some of our dictionaries depend on OS-specific features and therefore can't be run on both Palm OS® and Pocket PC platforms.

 »   What is the licensing policy for AbsoluteWord dictionaries and RoadLingua?

There is RoadLingua, the dictionary viewer software, and more than 300 dictionary databases (some of them are free, others are commercial).

RoadLingua viewer and commercial dictionaries are distributed as shareware, i.e. try before you buy.

If you purchase RoadLingua the dictionary viewer only, you can use it to view freeware dictionaries. Commercial dictionaries still require separate license(s).

If you purchase any commercial dictionary, you receive the RoadLingua license for free.

 »   What are the limitations of the trial version(s)?

The trial version of RoadLingua (the dictionary viewer) has unlimited trial period and never expires; however, it displays unregistered messages from time to time. If the dictionary has built-in phonetic transcriptions of English words, they are hidden in the unregistered version.

Trial versions of commercial dictionaries either have a 14-day trial period, or display only 1/3 number of available entries.

 »   How do I handle ZIP files?

ZIP files are used to make downloads faster. They simply compress and combine one or several files into a more compact form. The ZIP file is downloaded and then "unzipped" so the original files are restored to their usable state. To unzip a ZIP file you need to use a utility, such as WinZip, WinRAR, PkZip (Windows), StuffIt Expander (Mac OS). It is highly recommended to send only files that are zipped (compressed) through the Internet because they generally take much less time to travel.

 »   I downloaded a free dictionary, why does it ask me to register?

We should distinguish between RoadLingua the dictionary viewer and the dictionary files that RoadLingua views.

RoadLingua is shareware, which means you must purchase it to continue using it. For your convenience there is no trial period, so you can use it as long as you want without registration. However, the unregistered version has a limitation, which is an inability to display pronouncing transcriptions.

Dictionaries have their own distribution licenses - either freeware or shareware. Normally, shareware versions have a 14-day trial period. Freeware versions are free.

 »   I created a dictionary with AW Dictionary Maker, can I distribute it myself?

Sure. We do not require you to submit the dictionary to our website

 »   Can I add the RoadLingua trial version to my own dictionary distribution package?

Yes. The only restriction: RoadLingua files must be included unchanged, exactly as they are available on our download page

 Palm OS®-specific 

 »   I run RoadLingua from an expansion card, but it doesn't work in resident mode. Why?

RoadLingua cannot be run in resident mode if RoadLingua.prc is located on an expansion card, because it needs to stay in RAM all the time to be run as a resident program

 »   I've downloaded a dictionary ZIP file and extracted its content. What files need to be installed to my PDA?

Most dictionary ZIP archive contains the following files: RoadLingua.prc - a dictionary viewer, dictionary PDB file (usually named as an abbreviated dictionary title, e.g. EngSpa for English-Spanish dictionary), dictionary pictures (for illustrated dictionaries; has the same name as the dictionary PDB file but with "Pic" or "Pics" suffix, e.g. GeoAtlasPic.pdb for Illustrated GeoAtlas).
First of all, HotSync the dictionary PDB file to your PDA. If you do not have the RoadLingua viewer installed, HotSync RoadLingua.prc. For illustrated dictionaries and references, HotSync the picture PDB file as well. The images database is optional; the dictionary itself can work without images installed.

 »   What are "Self-installing EXE" distributions available on the download page?

These distributions are designed to make the installation process simpler. They are automatic installers that add all required files to the Palm Install Tool. To complete the installation, you just need to HotSync your PDA.
NOTE: these distributions can be run from MS Windows only. If you use some other operating system on your desktop computer, please download ZIP distributions.

 »   How do I install PDB files?

To install a PDB file (for example, an English-Spanish dictionary engspa.pdb), do the following:

  1. Open Palm Desktop.
  2. Click the Install button.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Choose the engspa.pdb file to add (or any other .pdb file)
  5. Click the Done button.
  6. Hotsync your Palm.

 »   I can't completely uninstall RoadLingua; an error message appears: "Unable to delete RoadLingua". What should I do?

The file remains on your handheld because you have deleted RoadLingua without deactivating its resident feature.
You'll be able to delete this file after a soft reset.

 Pocket PC-specific 

 »   Some dictionaries incorrectly display non-English text

Open Dictionaries / Preferences and choose the corresponding language under the Definition Language drop-down box. Then all definitions of that dictionary will be displayed using the chosen language script.
This is a per-dictionary setting; this means you can choose different definition languages for different dictionaries.

 »   How do I remove the icon that appears on the taskbar of my handheld when I start RoadLingua?

This icon makes RoadLingua available from any other application; just tap it once to switch to RoadLingua; tap it again to switch back where you were. Icon position may be adjusted under Dictionaries / Preferences menu item. To disable this icon, uncheck the "Enable resident lookup" checkbox.

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