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Holiday Savings: Buy 2, Get 3

Limited Time Offer:

Purchase two commercial AbsoluteWord dictionaries and get the third dictionary FREE!

Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Purchase any two AbsoluteWord dictionaries, or a bidirectional bundle consisting of two dictionaries
  2. Forward your order confirmation e-mail to . Include the title of one more dictionary you'd like to register for FREE (more than 300 titles available to choose from!)
  3. You'll receive your registration keys in 24 hours!

The more you buy, the more you get FREE!
For example, if you purchase 4 commercial dictionaries, you become eligible for 2 additional free licenses, etc.

It is also possible to transfer the bonus license(s) to any other person - just send us the necessary registration information.

Have questions? Mail them to , or contact us using our online support form!

This Special Offer is not valid for purchases made before 22 Dec 2003.
Offer subject to expire without prior notice.

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