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RoadLingua works with:

Palm OS powered handhelds:
- palmOne (Palm Inc.)
- Treo
- Sony
- Kyocera
- Acer
- TapeWave Zodiac
- Samsung
- other PalmOS handheld vendors
Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) powered handhelds:
- HP iPaq
- Acer
- Casio
- Compaq
- Dell
- Fujitsu
- Hitachi
- Samsung
- Toshiba
- ViewSonic
- Rover
- other Pocket PC handheld vendors

For Immediate Release

Contact: William Voikovich, [email protected], Phone: +1 (661) 760-8820

Full-Featured Dictionary Application for Palm OS and Pocket PC

TB Labs, LLC has updated RoadLingua, a comprehensive, highly-compressed, high-speed dictionary database that fits in a PDA's optional memory card. RoadLingua provides native support for Palm OS MMC/SD/CF and MemoryStick expansion cards, as well as MMC/SD/CF memory cards for the Pocket PC. Without sacrificing quality or retrieval speed, RoadLingua lets you chose from dozens of multi-lingual, explanatory, and specialty dictionaries for PDAs.

Using new compression technology, RoadLingua offers extremely fast dictionary browsing, and compact dictionaries that can be used on the fly. With its support of memory expansion cards, RoadLingua's dictionaries reside completely in expansion memory, and don't use up your valuable device memory. Since RoadLingua runs in resident mode, it can be called from within other applications, allowing you to select a word in any text editor or viewer, and read its definition. The dictionaries are so compact that you can have more than one available simultaneously.

More than 250 dictionaries are available, including English-to-German, -French, -Spanish, -Chinese, -Japanese, and other languages, as well as German-to-English and French-to-German, and many more. Specialty dictionaries run the gamut from a dictionary of occupational titles to a wine glossary.

The latest version of RoadLingua includes AbsoluteWord's AW Dictionary Maker, a free Windows utility that makes it easy to build your own dictionary. You can import comma-delimited files, or use the built-in editor to create freeware dictionaries. You can even create custom commercial dictionaries, and market them through AbsoluteWord's partnership program.

RoadLingua costs $14.95(US), with many add-on dictionaries available free of charge or at modest prices. Volume discounts, unlimited dictionary bundles, and annual subscriptions are also available. RoadLingua runs on the Pocket PC, including Pocket PC 2002 devices such as Compaq iPAQ and HP Jornada, and under all devices running Palm OS 2.0 and above, including Palm, TRG/HandEra, Sony CLIE, Handspring Visor, Acer, Symbol, and IBM. There are also smaller dictionaries designed for the 2MB Palm OS models. You can download a free, unlimited trial version of RoadLingua from http://www.roadlingua.com. For more information, visit TB Labs, LLC at the same URL, or e-mail [email protected].

Featured Pocket PC and Palm OS dictionaries:
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