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Inside the Addon folder of translate.zip you'll find a set of folders each containing addon. These are not regular text files, but text files containing script commands.

Translation Rules

  • Do not translate words inside the following script tags: t('...'), wtpl('...'), cwt('...'), wt('...'), URLs inside anchor tag
  • Do not translate names, titles, filenames, and so on
  • If you have problems deciding whether to translate a word or not -


Note: in this translation example we put xxxxx where you should put the translation

'cwww_pages', ['index||'.
                     "[t('product')] for Palm OS and Pocket PC. Dictionary Shell, Multilingual Dictionaries||".
                       'pocket pc,palm os,dictionary,vocabulary,translate,thesaurus,thesauri,english',

                     "[t('product')]. Customer Support||".
                       'Anglais,Franšais,Allemand,Portugais,Russe,Espagnols,dictionnaire,palm,palm os,pocket pc',

'cwww_pages', ['index||'.
                     "[t('product')] XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX||".

                     "[t('product')]. XXXXXXXX||".

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